Adam Judelson

Adam Judelson

CEO & Founder


Adam Judelson

Adam is a versatile product athlete and startup executive with experiencing across an impressive breadth of industries. He was Head of Product for Palantir's Gotham platform, and has held the VP of Product and President role on multiple occasions for venture and corporate-backed businesses.

He has personally led product efforts across enterprise businesses, SaaS, consumer, and two-sided marketplaces.

Adam is fascinated with products of all styles, what makes them work or fail, and approaches problems with an engineering mindset to root out constraints one by one and de-risk investments as quickly as possible. Above all else, Adam loves to generate impact and find immense value to deliver to customers experiencing complex challenges.

Adam Judelson’s Experience

Adam has worked on problems as disparate as:

  • A geospatial competitor to ESRI
  • A data privacy two-sided marketplace
  • Computer vision and video
  • Space situational awareness
  • Satellites and the software that supports them
  • Data platforms of all styles in all industries
  • Business analytics
  • Security, defense, and intelligence
  • Productivity

Ultimately, we have found at First Principles that no product challenge defies the common principles of product excellence.