Preparing a Product for Launch

Preparing a Product for Launch

Project overview

A seed-stage venture-backed company approached First Principles because the company had been building product for 18 months but had not yet launched or acquired any users. The Founder/CEO wanted to expedite the launch and be sure that all key work-streams were accounted for. The company was building a two-sided marketplace for specialized talent and wanted to use AI and clean design to connect the buyers and sellers. The startup also desired to find a long-term product leader for after our engagement.

First Principles identified one of its most experienced product partners to dive into the engagement, work with the senior stakeholders, and drive clarity on what was necessary for launch. We used our launch checklist, which we have curated for years across dozens of launches, to be sure we didn't miss any essential steps.

Two-Sided Marketplac
Launch Readiness


We started with a weeklong assessment of the product, team, vision, and existing execution. We focused on identifying the outcomes our client sought to produce, in this case validating the core hypothesis with 200 users in 2.5 months time or less. We audited all key aspects and created a plan for the minimum amount of critical work required to launch.

  • Conducted a comprehensive assessment of the startup's existing areas for improvement, including data management, AI integration, and usability enhancements.
  • Collaborated with stakeholders to define clear metrics and performance indicators that would guide decision-making throughout the project and beyond.
  • Worked closely with the development team to prioritize tasks, implement necessary changes, and ensure seamless integration of data and AI elements into the platform.
  • Brought on QA support to manage a wide range of use case bloat
  • Organized regular meetings with stakeholders and began ad-hoc end-user research to check assumptions.

Project results

First Principles:

  • Reduced complexity across the core workflows by 10X
  • Improved the onboarding to be straightforward and likely to convert
  • Solidified the first key action users would take after onboarding
  • Managed to increase execution tempo and quality by an order of magnitude with the existing team
  • Advised on the data and AI strategy to improve matching results and sustain a long term ML pipeline
  • Implemented tooling and features where relevant to track user behavior and test all core assumptions
  • Performed ah-hoc usability tests to validate the approach and value proposition
  • Advised the Founder on GTM strategy and fundraising approaches
  • Supported vetting and hiring of the follow on product leader
  • Delivered a product ready for alpha users
Preparing a Product for Launch

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