Product Coaching vs. Fractional Product Support

Simply put, product coaching is about leveling up your team's skills and fractional support is about getting things done as quickly as possible. Coaching is about advising and fractional is about embedding.

Product Coaching

What You Get

An expert-level product coach who meets with you regularly to answer your hardest questions.

Who is Responsible for the Work?

You are. Your coach is here to empower you and your team, but they are not the "do'ers" executing the work. For example, we can advise you on how to build your vision and strategy, but it's up to you to put pen to paper.

When is Coaching Right?

  • You want to build internal knowledge and capacity for the long run
  • You're generally happy with your product leaders
  • You're working through a tough new phase, and feel you can produce superior outcomes based on a coach's experience

When is this Non-Optimal

  • You don't care how the work gets done, it just needs to get done


How often do we meet? Typically 1-3 times per week in regularly scheduled sessions.

Fractional Support

What You Get

An expert-level product leader who embeds into your team as Chief Product Officer or Product Manager to directly grow your product.

Who is Responsible for the Work?

We are. For example, if you need a product vision and strategy, we will get an email account in your business, join your Slack teams, meet with you and your customers, and work with your engineers directly to create one, as if we were employees in your business.

When is Fractional Right?

  • You have to move fast and can't spare the time yourself
  • You want to add or test a new offering without distracting the rest of the team
  • Your team is facing a hard challenge that they are not experienced in solving
  • You have a personnel gap in product and want to take your time filling it

When is this Non-Optimal

  • You have an existing product team you believe in


How often do we meet? As often as needed. Fractional engagements are structured as retainers in ten hour per month increments.